Zin-Cron i Technology Resources Pvt. Ltd. is a Global IT Company, foreseeing future needs and exigencies, delivering excellent products of high quality and reliability with unflinching commitment and having emphatic global market presence.  We have been continuously delivering products to our clients based on latest technology.  We help clients to exploit the latest innovations in technology and efficiently scale their businesses to meet the challenges of the new economy.


Most of the retail customers use 'easyhops' website to compose and send SMS.  They can also use our custom plug-ins, certified by Microsoft, to extend the capabilities of their desktop applications like MS Excel and MS Outlook to send SMS.  For example, a stock broker can use the Excel plug-in to push stock alerts to all his registered customers.  easyhops.co.in is a platform that provides a flexible range of CRM, messaging, rich media content and advertising solutions.  Our role is to provide realistic solutions around today's technology and to make it future proof and utilize new technology as it arrives.